Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to optimizing your web pages in order to improve your web site's ranking on popular search engines.

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The most important search engine is Google, which became dominant by basing its search upon its sophisticated PageRank? system that evaluates a site's relevance to a particular keyword or phrase by leveraging its knowledge of the content of the pages that are linked by the page or are linked to it. Many SEO activities involve "gaming" or "spamming" search engines which has resulted in a proliferation of web pages that lack substance. This creates a continual arms race between the SEO experts and the search engines. Additionally, staying on top of the list involves a continual battle with the other websites that share your goal for the particular term. Clearly, playing these games is expensive in terms of time and money. Our approach centers upon the production of volumes of high quality content that is completely relevant to your business objectives. While this is also expensive in terms of time and money, it has the distinct advantage that it is valuable in and of itself. This will be recognized by your visitors and so you will have achieved the important property of Stickiness? where visitors don't simply back out and look for something more relevant to what they were seeking when they performed a search. Most small businesses and startups lack the resources to build the necessary volume of content in a short period of time. However, over time and by maximizing the value of relevant work being done to market by other means (e.g. brochures and letters to prospects, producing training materials for employees or customers), an impressive body of quality published content can be produced and available to benefit from the long tail property of the Internet.

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