Web Hosting

Our Web Hosting Service is by no means our main line business. We outsource the support and maintenance of computers to a provider who in turn outsources the management of connectivity to the Internet to a data center where the computers are co-located. This allows us to focus on the higher level issues that are critical to the success of your web venture. We include reasonably priced service for the first year in most of our web packages because it simplifies the process of initial development and makes it easier for us to assist with on-going maintenance issues. If our standard hosting services are not appropriate to your immediate or long term needs, we will certainly work with your existing provider or assist you with procuring a suitable hosting solution. We are experienced with both Windows and Linux web development, but we generally recommend Linux hosting because it is usually the most economical choice and is most often at least as suitable for the job as Windows. Windows hosting is a better choice if integration with other Microsoft solutions and software is an important goal. Likewise, selection of any particular development platform or database can mandate a more specialized type of service. As experienced software engineers who have developed high traffic corporate web applications in a variety of languages, we can help you match your requirements to appropriate hosting. Our standard hosting is based on:
  • LAMP? - Linux, Apache, MySql, PhP
  • CPanel? - A popular and powerful control panel that provides graphical user interfaces for administering the many features of your website
  • Fantastico? - An application that facilitates the installation and upgrade process for many popular Open Source web applications

We are Web Experts!