Workflow Applications

Your web site can be leveraged to stream line your business processes and enhance your ability to collaborate with remote internal and external participants.

Once you have established your web site's basic design elements and brochure content, it is time to think about building Intranet? and Extranet? features.

Most clients choose to incorporate a simple "Contact Us" form into the phase 1 version of their web site. This can be a great place to start if you need multiple people to receive messages entered by website visitors.

All recipients can receive the information, and then they can track their progress on the issue by logging in to the administrative sections of the content management system.

The ability to leverage the power of workflow applications is enhanced by the choice of a content management system that has an advanced authentication system behind its "Login" feature with fine grained ability to control permissions to view, create, edit, and delete individual pieces of web content based upon individual login or group membership.

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