Software Engineering

In the beginning, there were software engineers who invented the Internet? and much later the World Wide Web?. We have decades of experience in a variety of software engineering contexts that now have been eclipsed by web-related development. Our software engineering skill means that if necessary we could write or re-write all of the code comprising the Open Source solutions that we leverage. However, in order to avoid ongoing maintenance nightmares, we highly recommend that avoid this type of approach as the basis of your website. The relevance of our software engineering skill to the typical web development project is that we have decades experience with Software Development Process and are adept at reading and comprehending the technical documentation that is required to configure and style off-the-shelf solutions in order to match your requirements. If needed, we can read the source code to find out the truths that are too often left out of the documentation. Additionally, if you need to extend an application's features to support proprietary business logic, we have the skills necessary to leverage the support for custom modules that is built into most of the better open source systems and to implement your specified features. Every now and then, we come across a project that requires hard core software engineering skills or traditional desktop applications. Recent projects include:
  • Writing Windows input device drivers and related interfaces for live competition judging
  • Automating the photography workflow for laptops used while air born
  • Embedded System associated with data collection instruments

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